Why are Honey Bees Completely different Colours?


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Among the many 20,000 totally different species of bees, solely a small share are honey bees. These honey bee races share many anatomical traits. They’ve wings, pollen baskets and stingers – issues they should get their jobs executed. Curiously, there may be some colour variation in honey bees. This leads us to ponder why honey bees are totally different colours.

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Are you able to type a psychological picture of a honey bee in your thoughts? If that’s the case, I think about you might be pondering of a small insect with yellow – brown our bodies with black stripes on their again. Most individuals perceive what a honey bee appears to be like like – there are common bugs.

Honey Bee Colour Variations

In fact, most descriptions embrace the colours yellow and black. It is because yellow and black are two of the “warning colours” in nature. It’s nature’s approach of warning somebody to remain away and keep away from the stinger.

However, after all, not each bee has the very same shades of colour or markings. Generally, a beekeeper finds a shock when visiting the hive.

Let’s picture you put in a pleasant household of darker bees in your new hive a number of months in the past. Immediately, you open the hive to seek out 1000’s of sunshine golden striped staff. These clearly seem like honey bees however one thing is totally different.

What has occurred to your colony? Is one thing unsuitable with them. Assuming, this isn’t a brand new swarm that has moved into your field – you might be seeing bee genetics at work.

Whereas some bees are darker than others, discovering a significate variation of bee colours in your hive is definitely signal.

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Genetic Range in a Bee Colony

Colonies with a good mixture of employee bee colours and patterns are usually a number of the healthiest colonies to have. This means a wealth of various genetic materials used to provide the employees.

A queen honey bee solely mates over a number of days early in her life. Throughout these mating flights, she mates with round 12-20 drones or males.

Upon returning to the hive, the queen will lay fertile eggs to provide staff. Employees get half their genetic materials from the queen and half from a drone. 

These drone fathers come from many various colonies throughout the flight area. A few of them can be lighter in colour than others they usually carry the genetics from their moms.

Naturally, this ends in a colony of employee bees which may be totally different colours. All colony members have the identical mom however there are lots of totally different fathers that contributed to the genetic pool.

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Breeding Races of Honey Bees

There are occasions once we need a carefully associated hive. All of the members of the colony are the identical colour and possess widespread traits. 

That is typically the case with bee breeders which might be working to develop colonies with sure traits comparable to varroa resistance and many others.

Are you able to establish a kind of honey bee by colour alone? No, not usually however the colour of the bees may give some hints about their ancestry.

Italian honey bees are usually lighter in colour with brighter yellow markings. Employees fathered by mild coloured Italian drones could be brighter within the hive.

Carniolans are wanted by many yard beekeepers.  They’ve the traits of being winter hardy, fast spring construct up and having some tracheal mite resistance.

They’re additionally a darker bee than lots of the these we’re aware of. Carnis are sometimes combined with different blood strains to attempt for varroa resistance.

Russians additionally are usually darker. When you see many darker bees, they’re seemingly associated to Russians or Carniolans.

Golden colored worker bees in a hive.

Cordovan Colour

Cordovans will not be a separate race or household of bees. It’s merely a time period used to explain a colour variation. Cordovan Italians are stunning and prized by beekeepers for the straightforward to seek out queens.

Cordovan bees are these during which the components of a bee which might be often black turn out to be reddish brown. The queen typically has a yellow stomach that may be a strong colour all the best way to the tip.  

Usually utilized by bee breeders, cordovan is a helpful genetic marker that’s managed by a recessive gene. They don’t seem to be identified to have any particular fascinating traits past their colour markings.

Do Bees Change Colour?

Honey bees don’t change colour throughout their lifetime. Nonetheless, the looks of a bee can change-giving the impression of a change in physique colour.

 After weeks of arduous work outdoors the hive, staff can tackle a ragged look. A few of the superb hairs on their thorax are misplaced giving them a bald spot look.They lose a few of their fuzziness.

These concerned in robbing are sometimes darker as a result of they’ve misplaced their hair throughout combating. In addition they get wax and honey throughout them in the course of the combating frenzy

Nonetheless, shiny black greasy bees could be a signal of illness. A few of the viruses that plague bee colonies could cause a darkish greasy look.

Older worker bees inside the hive image.

Honey Bees of a Completely different Colour – Not a Unhealthy Signal

Seeing a noticeable colour change in your honey bee colony may be reasonably perplexing. Nonetheless, don’t panic. 

That is seemingly not as a result of particular person bees altering colour however reasonably staff being born with totally different fathers. Benefit from the genetic variety of your honey bee colony. Hopefully they are going to be sturdy and productive.

Remaining Ideas

It’s a stunning factor to see the varied shades of yellow and black amongst a colony. Whereas most of us cannot outline the full genetic make-up of a bee by colour, there’ll at all times be some beekeepers that favor darker coloured honey bees and different that favor mild shades.


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