Video: 2 Simple Methods To Propagate Hydrangeas In August


Do you see hydrangeas in bloom proper now and notice you need extra of them? Though summer season is dwindling, there may be nonetheless time to propagate these lovely perennial flowers displaying off this month. Within the video we present you two fast and simple methods to multiply a few of that contemporary inexperienced progress into future shrubs in your backyard.

1. Propagation Pots

On this methodology, pots are positioned subsequent to the mom plant to bend a limb right down to root whereas the limb remains to be getting vitamin from the mom. To do that, merely bend a contemporary limb right down to the pot and take away leaves. Place one thing heavy to carry the limb within the pot.

Proceed to water as regular, and roots will begin to develop from the realm of the limb the place the leaves have been eliminated. Wait a couple of weeks for the roots to develop. For those who plan to transplant the brand new plant, wait a number of weeks for a powerful root system. If the plant will keep subsequent to the mom plant, you possibly can clip the bent limb as soon as roots are developed. 

Provides wanted:
  • propagation pots
  • one thing to crush the limbs
  • soil

2. Cuttings

One other straightforward strategy to propagate hydrangeas is to take cuttings and use a rooting medium to develop new roots in soil. On this methodology, timing is essential. It’s best to chop the contemporary new limbs  from this yr’s progress. The woody stems are tougher to generate roots.

Be certain to pack your seed-starting tray or cups with potting soil to have prepared for the slicing you’re taking. To get specimen, minimize a contemporary department 4 to six inches lengthy proper above the node the place leaves connect to the stem. These nodes are the place new roots will kind.

Take away all of the leaves besides one set on the prime of every slicing. Dip the slicing in water adopted by rooting hormone, ensuring it adheres to the  nodes. Insert the slicing so the potting combine covers not less than two naked nodes. Then gently agency the potting combine across the slicing.

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This methodology will take two to 4 weeks for roots to develop. Plant, pot up or give away because the roots develop and develop into a wonderful new hydrangea. 

Provides wanted:
  • scissors
  • potting combine
  • rooting hormone
  • styrofoam cup
  • a damp tray 


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