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Have you ever ever needed to repurpose or use an element on the farm to boost pigs in a unique section than the one for which it was designed? Or have you ever needed to undertake a unique feeding system than the one initially designed for that room or manufacturing section? Absolutely, for a lot of readers, the reply is sure.

The commonest case is altering the feeding system: with computerized liquid feed administration, many farmers have changed dry (advert libitum) feeding with rationed liquid feeding.

On uncommon events, as was the case right here, the other conversion has been made: from liquid to dry feed.

On this case, the farmer determined to make use of amenities beforehand used for ending for the ultimate development section of the substitute gilts.

Since he didn’t need to use liquid feed, however slightly dry, he devised this quite simple dry feeding system, which permits the animals to be fed a semi-ad libitum ration.

A big PVC pipe was positioned and mounted over the present moist feeder. The underside half was raised excessive sufficient off the underside of the feeder in order that the pigs might entry the feed in it and the highest half was linked to the road that brings the feed from the silo.

The tube can include a sure quantity of feed, which the farmer is aware of. Within the morning, the feed supply system begins up and fills all of the “tubes”. At a sure time of the day, the system shuts down and the pigs proceed to eat till all of the contents of the tube are consumed.

We will name this technique “semi-ad libitum” or “rationed advert libitum”, for the reason that animals solely have feed accessible for a sure variety of hours per day.


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