Pomela has ectopic ureters – Second Likelihood Animal Rescue Society


August 27, 2023

Meet Pomelo:

I’m a fantastic little lady with a really private downside. Upon my arrival, it was instantly observed that I used to be incontinent. Fairly an embarrassing downside to be leaking pee on a regular basis. Seems I’ve one thing referred to as ectopic ureters. 😳😒

Because it seems, mom nature doesn’t at all times get it excellent when pups are creating throughout being pregnant. Ectopic ureters are an embryological error. As an alternative of connecting to the bladder, the ureters join someplace else…..to the urethra, the vagina, the colon, and even the uterus. The ureters are bringing urine to an space unequipped for urine storage, so leaking outcomes. Incontinence and an infection are the same old outcomes β›‘οΈπŸ’Š.

Most affected animals are feminine, and infrequently, there are a number of inside urinary anatomical abnormalities. Fortunate for me, I got here to SCARS, and so they have organized a date with a talented surgeon to repair me up. I’ll let you understand how all of it seems! ❀️ 😊


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