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On a heat, clear day you’ll discover 1000’s of honey bees dashing right here and there close to the hive entrance. What’s all the excitement about? These subject bees are on a mission to assemble all of the sources wanted by the hive. The colony should put together for Winter by storing meals earlier than chilly climate arrives. Specifically, honey bees gather a number of sources for the hive – a few of which as saved for later and others which have particular makes use of.

Three shot of bees collecting materials for hive.

The work drive of the honey bee colony are its feminine members. These employee bees are the one colony members that depart the hive to work. As non-reproductive females, they dedicate their lives to the survival of the hive.

What Supplies do Honey Bees Acquire?

A lot of the bees you discover in a hive are feminine staff. Together with an egg laying queen and some hundred drone bees (males), this distinctive bee household is ready to keep on all the required capabilities of hive life.

For the colony to be wholesome and powerful, it wants sources. This monumental job falls to the foraging bees who depart the protection of the hive to go looking out wanted supplies.

Worker bee collecting nectar from flower.

Let’s check out the various things bees gather and convey again to the hive.  Every one fills a necessity for the household. However, the quantity wanted of every one depends upon the standing of every particular person colony.

  • Plant nectar
  • Pollen
  • Water
  • Propolis
  • Honeydew


Nectar assortment takes up the majority of the colony’s foraging finances. Plant nectar is just not honey however is a candy liquid vegetation use to lure in pollinators.

Bees go to round 2 hundreds of thousands flowers to assemble sufficient nectar to make one pound of honey. Collected nectar is carried again to the hive the place bees use it to make honey.

Upon discovering a nectar wealthy flower, the employee extends her proboscis (tongue) and sucks up the liquid into her honey abdomen. 

This particular organ is situated earlier than her actual digestive monitor. Due to this fact, the ensuing honey is just not bee vomit.

Every bee solely makes a small quantity of honey in her lifetime however working collectively ends in a considerable amount of saved meals.

The colony will proceed to gather nectar so long as it’s out there within the subject and so they have a spot to retailer it. This continues within the Fall till the daytime temperatures turn into too chilly.


Pollen is one other vital useful resource collected by bees. It’s the sole protein supply for honey bee colonies. Protein is required for the colony to rear younger or bee brood

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Pollen is collected from blooming vegetation. Dry pollen grains are combined with salvia and pushed onto the pollen basket on the bee’s hind legs – (scopa or corbiculae). 

These colourful pollen balls are introduced again to the hive. I’m positive you will have seen bees flying round with pollen on their hind legs.

Worker honey bee with pollen in pollen baskets image.

As a result of uncooked pollen is just not digestible, the bees convert pollen into bee bread utilizing enzymes from their saliva. 

The fermentation course of permits the pollen to be saved for a very long time with out spoiling.  It additionally makes it a lot simpler for the bees to digest.

It is not uncommon for bees to gather a number of pollen within the Fall. This enables the colony to have protein shops in place contained in the hive.  Frames of pollen saved in honeycomb cells are stunning and sometimes present a rainbow of colours.

Brood rearing begins in late December/January. This can be a time when little pollen can be out there within the subject – even when the bees might fly within the chilly climate.

Nurse bees should eat protein wealthy meals to feed the rising larvae. Because of the onerous work of the Summer season bees, pollen is obtainable contained in the comb.


With the emphasis on honey and pollen, we generally neglect that the colony wants one other liquid. 

Bees gather water for the hive. Water is used within the colony for a number of functions together with: thinning meals, cooling the hive and many others.

Nonetheless, they don’t retailer water within the comb. Every day some foragers are designated as water carriers.  They gather water from a close-by water supply in the identical method that they carry plant nectar.

Upon returning to the hive, this water is just not handed off to a home bee. Or, the forager serves as a water tank and travels round contained in the hive giving water the place it’s wanted.

The variety of foragers concerned in water assortment depends upon the wants of the colony. If extra water is required, some staff will swap from nectar/pollen foraging to water assortment.

Bees using propolis to seal cracks in the hive image.

Gathering Propolis

One other materials bees gather for the hive is propolis (plant resins). Propolis is a sticky substance collected from tree buds (resembling pine bushes) and different conifer vegetation. 

This plant resin is combined with bee saliva and caught onto the pollen baskets of the employee’s rear legs.

Propolis has many useful properties together with being antibacterial. The colony makes use of it to sanitize hive surfaces and to patch holes or cracks to maintain out drafts.

Despite the useful qualities of propolis, beekeepers usually are not all the time completely satisfied to see a number of it within the hive.

It could actually make routine hive inspections troublesome on account of sticking down frames and hive elements.


All honey bees gather nectar, pollen, water and propolis however there someday collect one other pure materials.

In sure circumstances, honey bees gather honeydew (no not the melon sort.) This can be a sticky substance that’s secreted by sap sucking bugs like aphids.

Particularly when different nectar sources are sparse (a nectar dearth), bees could gather honeydew. In some areas, beekeepers could even harvest honeydew honey.

Whereas it does present a meals supply for the honey bee colonies, honeydew is just not the most effective meals for Winter storage. It’s usually excessive in ash content material and may trigger dysentery within the bees.

Honey bees collecting honeydew from leaf.

Foraging Habits and Adaptions

After we take into account the supplies that bees gather, we clearly factor of the issues that bees eat. However, different gadgets have worth as nicely. Propolis helps cease up cracks to maintain out drafts and sanitize the hive. Water is used to assist hold the beehive cooler on scorching days.

Bees do a outstanding job of adjusting the work drive to go looking out and gather the sources which are most wanted on the time. If the hive is low on pollen, extra staff are set to that job.

On a very scorching day, extra water gatherers are working to supply the useful resource wanted to chill the hive inside. This protects creating child bees from overheating.

The honey bee can journey a number of miles for meals if crucial however this does require extra effort and vitality. Nearer meals sources are most popular – and bees are identified for being sensible.

These are some superb duties for the common-or-garden employee bees. They solely stay about 6 weeks throughout the heat season.  They actually work themselves to dying. 


What do honey bees gather from flowers?

Honey bees gather nectar and pollen from flowers. Nectar is used to make honey and pollen is a protein supply for brood rearing.

Why do honey bees gather pollen once they don’t have any brood?

Pollen is collected and saved within the honeycomb as bee bread. Assortment continues all through the nice and cozy season. It will likely be used when the colony begins brood rearing in late Winter.

How far do bees journey to gather the issues they want?

Employee bees can journey a number of miles to gather wanted sources however nearer sources are extra fascinating.

How can we assist bees gather the sources they want?

An effective way to assist bees is to supply secure ingesting water and a mess of vegetation that present nectar and pollen over a protracted season.

Do completely different bee species gather various things within the wild?

Completely, there may be a lot variation in what bees gather. Some bees gather leaves, twigs and dust to make their properties.

Last Ideas

Along with assembly the day by day residing necessities of colony members, meals should be saved if the bees are to outlive Winter. This can be a large endeavor and we should recognize the communication and organizational system of a honey bee colony.



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