Movie | Mealtimes within the Kingfisher Nest


Mealtimes within the kingfisher nest are a little bit of a bun battle. Watch one chick maintain its siblings again with its tiny wing stubs so it may be first to seize the fish dad brings in. 

Kingfisher Chicks

There are seven chicks on this nest and the adults work laborious all day lengthy to maintain a relentless provide of fish coming in.

Male VS Feminine

The female and male share roles though the feminine does the vast majority of brooding and the mail primarily looking. Females are distinguishable from males by the truth that their decrease payments are orange, like a stripe of lipstick.

Chicks Develop

Kingfisher chicks hatch out blind and featherless. Subscribe to my channel to be notified of my subsequent movie from this nest, once they develop their first feathers and start their first flaps.

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