Loba is Advising – Angel Canine Diary


Pricey Diary,

Loba shared with me a letter she received from an anxious canine mother. She wished me to assist her write the reply.

Pricey Aunt Loba, please assist me with my unruly pups. They’re 6 months previous, and they don’t wish to relaxation of their pen collectively in peace, however are consistently barking, whining, preventing and climbing on the construction. When they’re set free, they don’t sleep on the couch however chunk, chew and scratch the whole lot! All of the furnishings is destroyed. I’m beside myself; do you assume my pups have ADHD? Do I must get them on medicine? Please assist.

Signed: Exhausted and Bewildered Mother.

That is what Loba informed me to write down:

Dear Exhausted and Bewildered Mother, your pups are completely regular and wholesome, I guess they don’t have ADHD and no medicine and remedy is required. Your pups want train, take them for lengthy thrilling walks day-after-day! And play time in a big space in between. You quickly discover your puppies calm and type and prepared to be taught. No pup (or little one) ought to be made to be passive for hours a day. It’s not pure.

And Loba signed with a paw print.


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