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“The Kiss” Pitt peregrines Ecco and Carla contact beaks throughout an extended bowing session on 30 July 2023 (snapshot from Nationwide Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh)

6 August 2023

Every year the Nationwide Aviary falconcam on the Cathedral of Studying runs from February by means of July to cowl the peregrine breeding season. Streaming ended on 31 July however simply the day earlier than, on 30 July, Ecco and Carla bowed for a very long time on the nest and Carla often ate some gravel. (*extra info on gravel under)

The whole bowing session lasted 8 minutes however they paused loads so I sped up the video to double-time. At 3 minutes in, it appears as if Carla has left however she’s merely off digital camera. As she comes shut once more Ecco resumes e-chupping and bowing. Lastly Carla flies away and Ecco stands up straight to observe her go away.

video from the Nationwide Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh, 30 July 2023

Although the bowing appears like courtship they received’t be beginning a household anytime quickly. Ecco and Carla reside on the Cathedral of Studying all yr lengthy and bow to strengthen their pair bond, even in July.

The pair is usually much less energetic in the summertime however they’ll perk up when fall migration begins in earnest as they watch birds flying south over Oakland.

You may nonetheless see them on the nest — in the event that they’re there — by way of the snapshot digital camera.

(*) Carla swallows bits of gravel to assist her digestion. Right here’s why:

(picture and video from the Nationwide Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh)


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