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I believed it might be good to go to a hen that we don’t hear a lot about: Lear’s Macaw.

Of 380 species of parrots worldwide, 19 are categorized as macaws, a particular group of enormous, colourful birds. Inhabiting the tropical forests of South America, macaws differ from different parrots with their comparatively bigger beaks, lengthy tails and a light-colored cheek patch. Macaws are additionally recognized for his or her beaks that are specialised for nut consuming, notably within the case of Lear’s Macaw, the Licuri nut. The higher beak is hooked and the decrease beak matches snugly in opposition to the higher, creating highly effective leverage to crack open nuts and is provided with sensory nerve endings. Like all parrots macaws have appreciable beak dexterity, permitting the birds to maneuver the nuts into the very best place for cracking. Though the one-inch Licuri palm nut is so onerous it might take a hen a minute or so to crack, the birds might eat as many as 350 nuts and day, the nut comprising 95% of the Lear’s Macaw eating regimen.

The genus Anodorhynchys accommodates two lovely blue parrots, the Hyacinth Macaw and Lear’s Macaw. The Hyacinth Macaw is extra widespread than Lear’s, having been recognized to science since 1790, whereas Lear’s was solely found in within the mid-19th century and misplaced for various years till it was rediscovered in 1978 and thus is much less well-known. Probably the most distinctive function of Lear’s Macaw is its intense cobalt-blue plumage protecting a lot of the physique. The naked patch of pores and skin across the eyes is a pale yellowish coloration, surrounded by a feathered ring of blue. The bottom of the lengthy tapering tail is darkish blue lightening to a light-weight blue on the tip. Its heavy black invoice can also be distinctive. The Hyacinth Macaw is nearly an identical to Lear’s however is a few third longer and heavier, darker in coloration, and the biggest of the flying parrot species.

The restricted habitat of Lear’s Macaw is principally attributable to their nesting habits. The birds dwell in a semi-arid area of scrublands and thorny vegetation in Northeast Brazil referred to as the Caatinga, South America’s largest seasonally dry tropical forest.  They make the most of small ledges on limestone cliffs to excavate holes for nesting and resting. Their heavy dependence on Licuri palm nuts as a meals supply contributes to their restricted distribution because the palm forest have been decreased as farmers destroy them to plant agricultural crops or for livestock grazing. The birds have additionally been topic to unlawful looking for the pet parrot commerce. Though they’re presently endangered and are one of many rarest parrots on the earth, their standing was beforehand thought-about “critically endangered”. Their inhabitants has been rising within the twenty-first century, numbering maybe 1400 birds. Solely a few third of the grownup birds breed every year, so inhabitants progress is gradual.

Of all of the 380 species of parrots on the earth, 116 are listed as susceptible, endangered, or critically endangered by the ICUN (Worldwide Union for the Conservation of Nature) Purple Checklist.

To the left is a portray by Edward Lear of the Purple-capped Parrot.

Edward Lear (12 Could 1812 – 29 January 1888) was an English artist, illustrator, musician, creator and poet, who is understood principally for his literary nonsense, particularly his limericks, a type he popularized.

One in every of Lear’s cartoons


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