Is This Stink Bug Early?


Brown marmorated stink bug, 8 August 2023, Pittsburgh (picture by Kate St. John)

10 August 2023

To not be outdone by noticed lanternflies, this yr’s first brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys) confirmed up exterior my window on Tuesday 8 August. His larvae have been round since June, perhaps earlier, however as an grownup I believe he’s early. Often we don’t discover the adults till October.

Seven years in the past I wrote in regards to the animals that eat brown marmorated stink bugs. Now that the bugs are already right here, their predators had higher get on the job shortly. Or are all of them worn out by noticed lanternflies?

p.s. Talking of predators, on 8 August I discussed that researchers are engaged on importing a pure predator for noticed lanternflies however that it’ll take years to verify it’s protected. Properly, in 2018 scientists found {that a} pure predator of stink bugs had confirmed up by itself, by accident imported the identical manner because the stink bug. Possibly this can occur for noticed lanternflies. It will save everybody plenty of bother!

(picture by Kate St. John)


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