Houdan Rooster Breed: All the pieces You Have to Know


With its attractive black and white mottled sample, calm disposition, trendy look, and desk hen high quality, the Houdan rooster has all it takes to get the highlight within the poultry world.

But, regardless of all its improbable qualities, this majestic breed is commonly missed and is now getting ready to extinction.

Others solely see this breed as present materials, however they’re extra than simply that.

So, on this article, we’ll talk about why Houdans usually are not simply mere present birds and share with you the next:

  • historical past and origin of the Houdan rooster breed
  • temperament and distinctive traits that set it other than different rooster
  • and meat and egg-laying capabilities of Houdans

However earlier than that, right here’s slightly teaser that may introduce you to the Houdan breed and present you what it’s acquired!

Houdan Rooster Breed Overview

Origin: France
Common Dimension: Hen: 6.5 lbs
Cock: 8 lbs
Pores and skin Shade: White
Coat Shade or Varieties: White, Mottled
Egg Shell Shade: White
Egg-Laying Capability: 150 to 200 medium-sized eggs
Principal Function: Egg and meat manufacturing
Temperament: Calm, pleasant
Foraging Capacity:  Glorious
Noise Stage: Reasonable to Excessive

Origin and Historical past of the Houdan Rooster Breed

To get extra insights into Houdan rooster, let’s journey again to its nation of origin and talk about how this breed got here into existence.

Although many consider that the Houdan rooster breed got here from Poland within the 1840s, it initially got here from France.

Its identify is derived from the city in west Paris, France, referred to as Houdan. 

However again within the 1800s, Houdan was cross-breed to Crevecoeurs and Dorkings to supply tastier and extra productive desk meat.

Within the 1850s, it discovered its strategy to Britain and ultimately America after 5 years with the assistance of Mr. Dorose.

And due to Houdans’ distinctive appears, Britain began exhibiting them in lots of reveals. 

John B. Gough displayed them at Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1867.

Then, the American Poultry Affiliation Customary of Perfection first acknowledged Houdans in 1874. 

These birds have a speckled look.

However F.D. produced a White Houdan in America. And in 1914, white Houdans grew to become a acknowledged shade. 

White Polish chickens and Mottled Houdans had been additionally crossed to create Baermen.

Sadly, this Houdan rooster subsequently misplaced recognition and was practically extinct within the twenty first century.

Regardless of being categorised as “Essential” by the Livestock Conservancy, their numbers are hoped to rise even additional as extra folks grow to be conscious of this breed and hatcheries (reasonably than solely specialised breeders) are starting to market these chickens. 

Mottled houdan chicken

Houdan Rooster’s Look and Customary

Houdan chickens are simply recognizable because of their distinctive look.

Their most notable options are their muffs and crests, that are giant and fluffy. 

The crest appears prefer it comes out of a bony knob on prime of their skulls and provides character to this rooster breed.

Additionally they have a fifth toe on every foot, a trait shared by only some different rooster breeds commonplace in most breeds is 4 toes.

When it comes to measurement, Houdans are medium-sized birds that weigh between 5 and seven kilos. And so they have quick, stocky our bodies.

For those who’re contemplating exhibiting your Houdan chickens, understanding the breed commonplace is essential. 

In accordance with the American Poultry Affiliation, Houdans ought to have white feathers with black spots, a V-shaped comb, and blue legs.

Their crests needs to be giant and spherical, and their muffs needs to be lengthy and full.

However it’s value noting that solely the American Houdans have a V-shaped comb.

In Europe, Houdans have a leaf-shaped comb which can be referred to as the butterfly comb, as a result of it resembles a butterfly with its wings open.

Gold or red mottled houdan

Houdans’ Distinctive Shade and Sample

Most Houdan chickens have a mottled look as a result of 1/3 to 1/2 of their black feathers include white V-shaped ideas.

However what makes this breed attention-grabbing is that each time they molt, their feathers will develop again with much more white coloring than earlier than.

That’s why previous mottled Houdans seem whiter than they had been earlier than and their youthful counterparts.

However you may additionally discover White Houdan chickens, and this selection has distinct traits that set it other than the mottled Houdans.

Houdan Varieties


Shanks and Toes


Darkish horn

Pinkish white mottled with black


Pinkish white

Pinkish white

Apart from white and mottled shade, Houdans are additionally obtainable in different varieties in different international locations, together with:

  • Stable black
  • Purple or gold mottled
  • Blue mottled
  • Lavender

However many of those varieties aren’t obtainable within the US.

Houdan Rooster Breed’s Disposition and Temperament

In elevating Houdan chickens, one essential issue to think about is their disposition and temperament. 

Many individuals select to boost this black and white rooster breed due to their calm and pleasant nature, making them nice for yard flocks and at the same time as pets. 

Some house owners have even reported that their Houdans take pleasure in being held and cuddled, making them a enjoyable addition to any household.

They’re additionally recognized for being a hardy rooster breed and capable of face up to chilly climate.

It’s essential to notice that whereas Houdans are usually pleasant, they will typically be a bit flighty and nervous. 

That is very true when they’re younger. So, dealing with them gently and regularly is essential to assist them grow to be extra comfy with human interplay. 

Nonetheless, with endurance and loads of socialization, Houdans can grow to be very docile and straightforward to deal with.

Houdan chicken breed

Makes use of of Houdan Rooster Breed

Houdan chickens are a preferred breed for a lot of causes. They’re recognized for his or her light disposition, which makes them nice for yard flocks and pets. 

Along with being nice companions, listed below are some explanation why they’re value elevating.

Egg Manufacturing

Houdans are dual-purpose chickens with a superb status within the egg division.

Regardless of not being the very best egg layer on the planet, they will offer you a good variety of eggs.

What shade eggs do Houdan chickens lay?

This breed produces white medium to large-sized eggs with giant yolks. 

Are Houdans good egg layers?

Sure, Houdan Chickens are good egg layers.

They carry out properly within the rooster egg manufacturing division, which is a large plus in the event you plan to boost them.

What number of eggs do mottled Houdans lay a yr?

Houdan hens lay an common of 150 to 200 medium eggs yearly. Due to this fact, it could actually produce 3 to five eggs every week. 

However their manufacturing might fluctuate, although, relying on their pressure, weight loss program, and setting.

They begin laying by the age of 6 months previous and nonetheless lay properly throughout winter months.

Meat Manufacturing

Many individuals additionally take pleasure in elevating Houdans for his or her meat as a result of its tenderness and taste.

This breed gained the a lot sought-after ‘Label Rouge’ certification in France because of its glorious style and manufacturing capabilities.

On prime of that, this meat breed matures rapidly and has a excessive feed conversion fee.

Nonetheless, American strains are a lot smaller as a result of they’re primarily bred for reveals and never for meat manufacturing.

Frequent Well being Problems with Houdan Chickens

In contrast to different giant rooster breeds, Houdans usually are not susceptible to infectious ailments.

That’s why they’re one of many best to boost as a result of they solely require slightly consideration so long as they’ve meals and water.

Nonetheless, due to the feathers of their crest, tufts, and beards, they may simply be contaminated with mites from different chickens.

How are you going to keep away from the infestations?

Though you’ll be able to’t rapidly remove mites, you’ll be able to keep away from them by commonly cleansing their coop.

And likewise not letting them socialize with different chickens contaminated with mites.

One other strategy to deter parasite issues is by altering the bedding, whether or not hay or straw, extra regularly.

You can even use pest and parasite repellants to guard your poultry birds from mite infestation.

The place to Discover Houdan Rooster for Sale?

It’s finest to search for Houdan rooster in your native space so you’ll be able to examine its bloodline earlier than buying.

That’s extraordinarily essential to make sure they’re wholesome and if you wish to carry your birds to reveals.

Guarantee that the breeder additionally has a superb status and the hen has grown in a clear and wholesome setting.

Nonetheless, it may be difficult to search out this uncommon breed.

So if it’s not obtainable in your space, examine these hatcheries for his or her Houdan rooster and chick availability:

White houdan chicken

Learn how to Take care of Houdan Chickens

Caring for Houdan chickens is comparatively straightforward. With correct care, your Houdan chickens will thrive and offer you years of companionship and eggs. 

However listed below are some recommendations on learn how to take care of this trendy breed. 

Present Nutritionally-Balanced Feed and Clear Water

Offering your Houdans with entry to recent water and high-quality rooster feed is essential.

Why? As a result of it’s the place your rooster’s well being will rely. 

Apart from, nutritious and scrumptious treats could make them really feel joyful and relieve stress.

In the event that they’re wholesome, they will offer you extra meat and eggs.

Fortunately, discovering the fitting rooster feed for them is simple nowadays and age. 

Safe Their Coop and Housing System

It’s best to present them with a clear and comfy residing setting to make sure they continue to be wholesome and joyful. 

Be certain the rooster coop is spacious, with loads of roosting house and recent bedding.

The really useful house for Houdan chickens is 2 sq. ft. 

These birds can tolerate confinement, however the larger the coop, the higher.

Moreover, Houdans additionally take pleasure in foraging, so offering them with a protected and safe outside house to roam and seek for meals can be essential. 

Not solely will it encourage them to make use of their foraging abilities, however it’s going to additionally preserve their beaks trimmed and permit them to train.

Maintain Up With Their Vaccination

Though Houdans usually are not but susceptible to any ailments, they nonetheless want full safety from a good veterinarian. 

Full vaccination will assist them forestall any free radicals as a substitute of curing them. 

Furthermore, a part of taking good care of Houdan chickens is giving dietary supplements in order that they will keep wholesome.

Don’t Overlook Their Winter Wants

Houdans are hardy in sizzling climates however not within the chilly.

They’ll’t tolerate chilly seasons, in order that they want bedding and heaters like mild bulbs to maintain them heat.

However you additionally want to make sure that their coop is well-ventilated, protected, safe, and may face up to excessive climate situations.

Execs and Cons of Elevating Houdans 

That can assist you weigh if this breed is value including to your flock, we summarized the professionals and cons of elevating Houdan chickens under.

Execs & Cons of Houdans


  • Simple to boost
  • Warmth and illness hardy
  • Offers tasty meat
  • Produces a good quantity of eggs
  • Tolerates confinement
  • Distinctive foraging abilities

  • Susceptible to mite infestation
  • Poor abilities in escaping predators
  • Poor chilly tolerance

FAQs About Houdan Rooster 

Are Houdan chickens uncommon?

Houdans chickens are one of many rarest breeds on the planet.

The truth is, their inhabitants is sort of extinct, however because of some passionate breeder’s efforts, this breed has been conserved.

However their numbers are inadequate to be delisted as “uncritical.” 

What’s the distinction between Houdan and Polish chickens?

Houdan and Polish chickens are related of their sort of feather and the crest on their heads.

Nonetheless, they differ in some methods as a result of Houdans have 5 toes and are all the time bearded. 

What are Houdan chickens good for?

Though Houdan chickens are medium measurement birds, they’ve the tastiest meat.

That’s why they’re fashionable desk meat in France.

Furthermore, they’re often known as respectable egg layers that might produce medium white eggs.

Can Houdan chickens fly?

Sure, they will.

They love perching and free-ranging to seek for meals.

However they will’t fly larger than different flying birds. 

The benefit of that’s they will’t simply escape and depart their coops, and the draw back is that they have poor abilities in escaping predators.

Do Houdans go broody?

The broodiness of Houdan chickens relies on their pressure.

However what makes them interesting is the truth that they’re straightforward to take care of and develop quicker, particularly the chicks.

Houdan chicken looking around

Closing Ideas on Houdan Rooster Breed: Is It The Proper Breed For You?

The Houdan rooster breed is a flexible and rewarding breed for anybody eager about elevating chickens.

Typically, in the event you’re on the lookout for a breed that’s each visually distinctive and straightforward to take care of, Houdan chickens are value contemplating. 

Not solely are they nice egg layers additionally make great pets and could be a enjoyable and trendy addition to any flock.

Whether or not you’re elevating them for his or her eggs, meat, or as pets, they’ll absolutely carry pleasure and fascination to your life.

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