Finest Beekeeping Wiring Boards (2023)


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Wiring frames is just not one of many best chores. A beekeeping wiring board is designed for the aim of supporting the body, tightening the wire, and quickening the duty of honeybee body wiring. Beekeepers that require a dependable platform for wiring multiple body will discover the wiring board helpful. It’s designed for simple use and can meet the wants of small business honey producers, hobbyists, and sideliners. You may procure the perfect beekeeping wiring boards on-line or out of your native shops.

About Beehive Frames and Basis

Honeybees construct wax combs on frames and foundations for the aim of elevating brood and storing meals reserves for the colony. Frames are full of wax or plastic sheet of basis which have hexagonal cells that act as a information for drawing straight comb. The frames may be moved throughout inspection, transfers, and when extracting honey.

Beekeepers can use frames that wouldn’t have the basis, normally known as “foundationless” beekeeping. Nonetheless, frames are required for the aim of availing a bee area hole between frames and all parts across the body. These will embody adjoining frames, sides of the field, frames beneath and above, covers, and backside boards. The frames permit the bees to construct combs in a straight line and that is simpler to handle. The beehive frames additionally make honey extraction with using honey extractors quick and hassle-free.

The Design of Beehive Frames

Beehive frames might need totally different depths however the width and size of all frames are equal. They’re additionally made out of totally different supplies however retain the identical building and design, which contains:

  • The highest bar – that is longer than the underside bar to permit the body to sit down on the body relaxation ledge on the hive field. It additionally helps create a bee area between adjoining partitions and the sidebars. Additionally it is wider than the underside bar
  • Two bars on both aspect – these are tapered and wider on the high than on the backside. They’ve notches for attachment of the highest and backside bars. They’re the widest a part of the body on the backside and on the high. The tapered design additionally creates a bee area between the highest bars and the absolutely drawn combs inside the body. That is made potential by the tapered design.
  • The underside bar – this could both be grooved or break up.

Beehives aren’t solely outlined by the width of their frames but additionally by the variety of frames they will maintain. This contains 10, 8, or 5 frames. The frames may be product of wooden or plastic materials.

Plastic beehive frames include the inspiration in a single piece and this fashion doesn’t permit beekeepers to pick out a wax basis. The peak and embossed cell dimension choices can be found for the beekeeper to select from. Inexperienced plastic frames which have massive cell sizes function drone brood frames.

Picket frames are well-liked and are available as both wedged or grooved on the high bars. The jammed comes with a small strip of wooden that’s detachable and is used to pin the wax basis into place. Grooved high bars as recommended by the identify have a groove for holding the inspiration into its place.

Picket frames include sidebars that may have holes and others don’t. The holes are used as anchor factors for wire pins, assist rods, and pins that assist hold the wax basis tightly hooked up into place. The wiring will run via the holes on the sidebars, throughout the body, and likewise beneath the wax basis. The wiring holds the inspiration in place and retains it rigidly in place throughout honey extraction.

Eyelets are inserted into the sidebar holds to maintain the wire from reducing via the wooden when the wire is tightened whereas wiring the frames. Help pins may also be used instead of wires. These are inserted via the sidebars as a assist to the wax foundations to stop them from sagging.

Basis in Frames

The foundations in frames are designed to ease the work of wax comb constructing for the bees. Loads of time and quite a lot of vitality is expended on wax comb constructing by the bees and the one option to make their work a lot simpler is by offering frames with basis.  

Frames that lack foundations aren’t desired because the bees will construct combs in undesired instructions. Moreover, the combs will simply fall out of the body.

The inspiration is offered as both plastic or wax foundations. These are defined beneath:

  • Plastic basis – which is available in 4 coloration choices, that’s, inexperienced, yellow, black, and white. The white and yellow foundations are most popular for honey supers, the black basis for brood chamber, and the inexperienced for brood rearing.
  • Wax basis – obtainable in varied types that embody hooked, no hook, beeswax solely, reduce comb, medium brood, wired beeswax, and skinny surplus. Since wax is a pure honeybee product, honeybees will readily settle for wax foundations.

Body Wiring With Beekeeping Wiring Boards

Wiring of frames is likely one of the most necessary steps undertaken by beekeepers because it helps assure the honey frames come out of the honey extractor with out injury. It additionally helps make sure the brood frames stay tightly held in place even throughout sizzling days when combs are inclined to heat up and sag.

The beekeeping wiring board is utilized by beekeepers to make the work of wiring frames simple, quick, and efficient. The board is designed for beekeepers which have Langstroth-style packing containers and tools and a beeswax basis. A single piece of wire is often used when wiring frames. That is nailed to 1 finish of the body and can run via a gap into the opening on the alternative aspect of the body. It’s then run down alongside the sidebar into the subsequent gap and thru the opening to the opening on the alternative aspect. This course of is repeated till all of the holes on the body are accomplished and a collection of equally spaced wires are organized parallel to one another.

Frames can have two pairs, three pairs, or 4 pairs of holes relying on the depth of the body. After the wiring of the body is accomplished, the top of the wire is pushed into the body.

Wiring also can take a special design in frames as an alternative of the parallel design. The crisscrossing of wires on the body is widespread and entails operating the wire from the higher left to the decrease proper, after which operating it up the outer aspect of the proper sidebar, going via the highest gap, after which crisscrossing in the wrong way.

Frames which were wired proper ought to produce a sound just like the harp when plucked. It also needs to have a symmetrical design. The wire needs to be correctly tightened and the wiring board makes this work a lot simpler. The steel eyelets which are inserted into the holes on the bars of the body assist forestall the wire from reducing via the wooden.

Advantages of Beekeeping Wiring Boards

The very best beekeeping wiring board is designed for the next functions:

  • It helps make sure the set up of wiring on frames is quick and completely finished.
  • Helps with the set up of basis on wired frames.
  • It helps shallow, medium, and deep frames.
  • It’s a platform for the beekeeper to work on to make sure the parts of the body are tightly held in place for simple becoming of the wiring and basis.
  • It helps guarantee financial use of the wire to keep away from any wastage because the spool is correctly held in place and wire launched as per necessities.
  • Permits for simple entry to the holes on the wood body because the wire is run via the body bars aspect to aspect, throughout, and backside to the higher aspect.
  • It’s economical in the long term because the value incurred in buying wired frames is eradicated. The beekeeper could make their very own wired frames, on their very own time, and in keeping with their wants.

Who Wants a Beehive Body Wiring Board?

The style and preferences of various beekeepers won’t ever be the identical and this may apply to the necessity for a beehive body wiring board. Some beekeepers have developed their very own strategies of wiring frames and others don’t wire their beehive frames. Nonetheless, wired frames nonetheless stay well-liked and the demand for the beehive body wiring board retains rising.

All beekeepers will profit from the beekeeping wiring board particularly these with the intention of wiring their very own frames. The wired frames make sure the frames aren’t broken after use on the honey extractor and may be reused. Moreover, the beekeeper now not has to buy wired frames from their native retailer or from different beekeepers. They’ll even prepare others on find out how to wire their very own frames and cost a price for it, thus producing extra earnings of their enterprise.

Finest Beekeeping Wiring Boards

A number of the finest wiring boards you will get on-line embody the next:

1. Beehive Body Wiring Jig

Best Beekeeping Wiring Boards - Blue Frame Wiring Jig

This can be a helpful wiring jig for beehive frames that’s designed to make your work a lot simpler. It’s a platform with a easy design and is straightforward to make use of. The beehive frames are supported and tightly held in place to make the duty of tightening the wire hassle-free. It’s splendid for all talent ranges together with the skilled, newbie, or hobbyist beekeeper. It’s a robust and sturdy board that may serve you for years.

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2. Yellow Wiring Board

Best Beekeeping Wiring Boards - Yellow Wiring Board

That is made to make wiring frames simple and quick. It’s splendid for beekeepers which have a number of beehive frames that should be wired inside a short while. The board is powerful and sturdy to ensure an prolonged service life. It’s designed with the required options that may assist the frames, tighten the wire and make your work a lot simpler.

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3. Body Wire Wiring Board With Toggle Clamp

Best Beekeeping Wiring Boards - Frame Wire Wiring Board With Toggle Clamp

This board with a toggle clamp is made for the aim of wiring a number of frames at a go. The wiring board makes the job a lot simpler with its toggle clamp that compresses the body’s finish bars. It’s simple to make use of and ensures the wire is tightly fitted in place and prepared for the inspiration to be fitted into it. The wood board has all the required options to make sure the frames keep tightly in place as you do your work of operating the wires via the holes within the body.

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4. Beehive Body Wiring Board by Suitsik

Best Beekeeping Wiring Boards - Beehive Frame Wiring Board by Suitsik

That is splendid for frames that require 2 to 4 horizontal wires. It’s going to additionally work completely with 5 wires. The board is of fascinating dimension and helps normal beehive frames akin to Dadant, Zander, Farrar, Langstroth, and plenty of others that require wires that run horizontally. It comes with rollers which have a spinning perform to make it simple to attract and tighten the wire as required. It’s properly designed and of excellent high quality to ensure a protracted service life. The board is straightforward to make use of and can work properly in wiring new or used frames. It suits properly all wire rollers with an internal gap of 15mm.  The wood board is made of wonderful high quality Baltic Birch plywood.

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Beekeeping wiring boards are your to-go-to device if you’re a severe beekeeper. You should wire your frames in order that the wax basis may be correctly secured inside the body. The wires may also make it simple for the honeybees to construct combs as an alternative of making combs that go in undesirable instructions. Additionally, you will discover the wiring helpful throughout hotter months as combs that aren’t on wired frames are inclined to sag and even threat falling off. The wired frames are additionally higher positioned to resist the centrifugal drive from the honey extractor and won’t break off when the extraction is accomplished. These frames can thus be reused, making your work and that of the bees a lot simpler. Moreover, wires maintain frames collectively regardless of how lengthy they continue to be in use. 


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