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I do know, I mentioned I’d do a greater job maintaining my weblog.  What can I say?  I suck.

Anyway, Xen is developing on his one-year birthday!  He’s making very nice progress in his coaching.  The next video exhibits coaching for “object guard”.

His job is to stop me from taking the article. My job is to…steal it! I can attempt to intimidate him with noises, carry obstacles, pivot, go backward, and many others.  He has to attend till..properly.  It relies on what you select to coach. I’m instructing him to chunk after I’m inside a meter.  After which he must launch on his personal after I cease transferring in or if I start to again away, after which…we do it once more.

He has a reasonably good clue about this train with a toy – now I’m including a chunk go well with.  I additionally cue him to chunk if he doesn’t do it on his personal, particularly with the go well with, since I don’t need him worrying about getting him proper.  He’ll get there finally.




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