Episode 242: However all of the doorways are closed….why some horses exhibit resistance.


One main distinction between the early rides on a horse, and the extra completed rides on a horse, is the way in which the cues are utilized in mixture. On this podcast, I describe cues as ‘doorways’.

The great thing about watching a complicated horse and rider is that the cues appear so delicate that they’re typically arduous to see.

That is true whether or not you watch dressage, the place the rider maintains a degree of contact all through, or in reining, the place the contact on the reins seems very gentle.
What these share in widespread is a subtleness.
The method of coaching a horse entails making issues clear, and then refining these cues.

In case your horse appears confused, hesitant, or resistant, it’s doable he’s not clear on which ‘door’ is open. As we speak, I clarify why this may very well be taking place and how one can decide the next move.


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