Chickens: The Good Permaculture Accomplice


Maximizing Biodiversity with Chickens

So how does a hen play a job in permaculture? They’re an incredible protection in opposition to varied bugs and pests. They prefer to scratch round, the place they’ll devour giant numbers of grubs, beetles, and extra. When you’ve got giant livestock round, they are going to undergo the manure piles to wash up which disrupts the life cycles of bugs and parasites, serving to to cut back the quantity of parasites or bugs, comparable to Black Flies. They can even chase down these grasshoppers who in any other case need to feast upon your gardens.

Chickens are actually strolling fertilizing machines as they drop their nitrogen-filled manure all through your property. They flip over your mulch piles for you and create scrumptious eggs for you. They’re free labor to work up your compost piles for you as they actually shred up your leaves, one scratch at a time. All they want from you is an efficient supply of freshwater, safety from predators, and correct diet.


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