Cannibalism in Poultry | Meyer Hatchery Weblog


Offering boredom busters, rising coop measurement, and selecting breeds rigorously to keep away from aggressive breeds being round extra docile, laid-back breeds can assist lots in decreasing the danger elements for issues in your flock.  Throughout occasions of molt, it could additionally assist tremendously to offer some further sources of excellent protein in order that they’ll really feel like their dietary wants are being met whereas additionally aiding with new feather development. Some folks like so as to add a bit high-quality cat meals for protein, whereas I favor Black Oil Sunflower seeds.  I like throwing sunflower seeds into free straw flooring bedding throughout our lengthy northern winters.  My chickens will spend hours scratching by means of the straw for the tiny morsels of goodness.

The vital factor to grasp is that whereas it may be disturbing to know {that a} rooster can and can react in such a seemingly violent method that they’re solely reacting to a possibility. Since it’s a matter of being opportunistic, you may 100% stop cannibalism by taking the right steps to forestall it.


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