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Chickens aren’t choosy. They’d eat virtually something they might peck on the bottom.

But when a fig unintentionally lands the place they forage, must you allow them to eat it?

We all know that figs are candy and are good so as to add to muffins, pies, salads, or be eaten as is.

I don’t learn about you, however me? I like them!

The query, nevertheless, is can our chickens eat figs?

Is it secure for them to devour or not? Which a part of the fig can chickens safely eat, then?

Let’s discover out!

Can Chickens Eat Figs?

You don’t have to fret when your chickens unintentionally get their fingers (or beaks, somewhat!) on a fig as a result of, sure, chickens can undoubtedly eat them.

These unique treats are full of nutritional vitamins and minerals {that a} hen would profit from.

And since they’re candy, you gained’t even must force-feed them to your flock—they certain would gobble these up all by themselves!

Nonetheless, not all elements of the fig are secure for them to devour.

Sure bits and elements may very well be poisonous or irritating for our chickens.

However we’ll get on to that in a bit!

Within the meantime, let’s evaluate first the dietary advantage of figs and the way they do in supplying the dietary wants of our feathered mates.

Dietary Advantage of Figs

Let’s take a fast have a look at what 100 grams of figs would supply by way of vitamins, as reported by the USDA FoodData Central.

Vitamins Present in a 100-gram Fig

Water 79.1 g
Protein 0.75 g
Carbohydrate 19.2 g
Fiber 2.9 g
Sugar 16.3 g
Calcium 35 mg
Iron 0.37 mg
Magnesium 17 mg
Vitamin B6 0.113 mg
Vitamin C 2 mg

As you’ll be able to see, figs have a excessive water content material which helps preserve your chickens hydrated, particularly in scorching climate.

It additionally comprises a very good quantity of carbohydrates, which really make up the largest element of the poultry eating regimen.

Figs even have an honest quantity of fiber and calcium, each crucial for his or her digestive system and for egg manufacturing.

And sure, they comprise protein, too, which is crucial for the expansion and growth of our chickens.

Nonetheless, have a look at how a lot sugar a 100-gram fig has.

Whereas it’s nonetheless pure sugar (which is nice), it’s price noting that chickens don’t want an excessive amount of sugar of their eating regimen.

Sugar, when not given sparsely, can result in a number of well being points, so be sure to observe your flock’s consumption.

However sufficient sugar, however, can assist give them the energy and, subsequently, the power they should burn all through the day.

Dietary Wants of Chickens

Now let’s check out how a lot of those vitamins chickens really require to be wholesome.

The desk under solely exhibits a fraction of what chickens want of their eating regimen.

Dietary Necessities of a Rooster

Nutrient From 0 weeks onwards
Protein 12% to 18%
Calcium 0.60 to three.40%
Vitamin A 1500 to 4000 IU
Folic Acid 0.25 to 0.55 mg
Fiber 2.5 to 4%

supply: College of Missouri & College of Georgia

*For full details about the nutrient necessities of poultry, learn straight from the sources linked above!

Now, on to the extra urgent concern—which elements of figs can a hen safely eat, and which of them to keep away from?

Let’s discover out!

Ripe figs and fig leaves on a man's hand

Can Chickens Eat Dried Figs?

Sure, you’ll be able to feed your chickens dried figs, however there are a few issues to remember.

It is best to be sure that they don’t have any preservatives or components in any respect!

One advantage of protecting dried figs in your pantry is that they undoubtedly last more than contemporary ones.

You possibly can simply bust one out from the jar and feed it to your chickens as treats.

Nonetheless, take word that dried figs have extra concentrated sugar and energy by weight, so simply give it to your flock sparingly.

Can Chickens Eat Cooked Figs?

Positive! Should you occur to have left-over cooked figs out of your lunch or afternoon tea, you’ll be able to safely feed them to your chickens with out guilt.

But it surely’s price mentioning that cooking figs and all different fruit and veggies really reduces their dietary worth.

Can Chickens Eat Fig Pores and skin and Seeds?

Sure, you’ll be able to allow them to peck on the fig pores and skin and seeds with no fear.

There’s not a lot data on whether or not these really add as much as the general dietary worth of figs.

What we all know, nevertheless, is there are a number of fig seed byproduct available in the market that claims they’re full of Vitamine E and antioxidants which helps preserve our pores and skin wholesome.

Each pores and skin and seeds don’t trigger any hurt, anyway, so you’ll be able to nonetheless safely let your chickens feed on the entire fruit itself.

Can Chickens Eat Outdated Figs?

Properly, that depends upon what you imply by “previous.”

You possibly can feed an overripe fig to chickens, alright. That’s in the event that they’re going to come back close to it!

Based mostly on expertise, my chickens would flip their noses (or beaks!) away from overripe figs as a result of these are likely to have a bitter style.

However the backside line is, sure, it’s nonetheless secure for our feathered mates to eat them.

Nonetheless, if “previous” means moldy or expired, then the reply is not any.

Moldy meals, even at no matter stage of moldiness they appear to be, shouldn’t be fed to chickens.

However why, you ask? We eat moldy meals ourselves, anyway! Cheese anybody? 

Consuming moldy meals in chickens can result in digestive points, a weakened immune system, and decreased egg manufacturing, to call just a few unwanted effects.

You might also see them lose their urge for food, turn out to be torpid, and show uncommon habits, amongst different signs.

So, you recognize, simply… don’t danger it.

Can Chickens Eat Fig Leaves?

Now, that is the place we draw the road as to which elements of the figs are secure for chickens to devour.

Fig leaves are poisonous to virtually all animals that might occur upon it, and sure, that features chickens.

These broad, 3 to 5-lobe leaves comprise ficain, an enzyme that may trigger irritation to their throats and crops, particularly when ingested.

In actual fact, the bark of the fig tree itself comprises this as effectively.

The chickens who unintentionally ingest even only a small ficain may vomit or get diarrhea.

However sufficient quantity of it could additionally result in organ failure and, worst, dying.

Positive, we people can eat fig leaves with correct preparation.

However bear in mind, animals are wired in another way, so higher to simply depart the leaves be in relation to feeding them.

Can Chickens Eat Fig Stem?

Stems are technically suitable for eating, however they’re too fibrous, which makes chewing and digesting them onerous work.

So for those who gained’t eat it, I’d say higher to not give them to your chickens, too.

Can Chickens Eat Unripe Figs?

Inexperienced figs will also be eaten as a result of they don’t comprise any dangerous chemical substances that might harm most livestock.

Nonetheless, they might nonetheless comprise a small quantity of ficain, which may very well be irritating to the throat and abdomen, so it’s best to nonetheless give this with warning.

The way to Feed Rooster Figs?

Personally, I simply lower the ripe figs in half and let my chickens peck on them on the bottom.

However I warn you; this may very well be actually messy, so be sure to scrub up afterward to forestall flies and different bugs from hanging out the place your flock forages.

So if you wish to keep away from the mess, you’ll be able to take additional steps, like putting it in a bowl or hanging the fig from someplace the place they will nonetheless attain it.

Chickens eating a fruit

FAQs about Chickens and Figs

Can chickens eat Fig Newtons?

Undoubtedly, not!

Fig Newtons are excessive in sugar, which is an excessive amount of for a hen and may very well be sufficient to ship them to the grave.

Can chickens eat dates?

Positive, dates are literally secure and wholesome for chickens.

Nonetheless, as a result of dates are candy, they need to solely be given sparingly or as an occasional deal with.

Are all figs edible?

No, not all figs are edible.

Some are solely decorative, just like the mistletoe fig and creeping fig.

Sure, Chickens Can Eat Figs!

To wrap issues up, sure, you’ll be able to go forward and provides figs to your chickens—flesh, pores and skin, seeds, and all.

However solely give it as a deal with and never as part of their every day eating regimen as a result of its sugar content material could also be an excessive amount of for what your flock really wants to remain wholesome.

Additionally, be sure they don’t eat fig leaves, as these comprise dangerous toxins that may absolutely trigger hassle to your hen’s well being and growth.

So, now that we’ve sorted that out, it’s best to learn extra of our articles about what different fruits chickens can or can not eat.

I’ve linked them under for simpler navigation, so verify them out!

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