Best Approach to Transition a Canine to a Uncooked Food regimen


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Uncooked feeding has develop into extra mainstream, and with the rising variety of uncooked meals manufacturers obtainable, transitioning a canine to a uncooked food plan, irrespective of their age, is easy. There are a number of methods to transition a canine to a contemporary meals food plan; I consider ‘chilly turkey’ is the simplest, and on this article, I share how one can make this variation with little to no digestive upset.

Advantages of Uncooked Feeding for Canine

Uncooked feeding is a food plan that comes with uncooked elements resembling meat, bones, organs, greens, and a few seeds and fruit. Though a number of can be found, I observe a modified model of the BARF (biologically applicable uncooked meals) mannequin of uncooked feeding. Whereas there are various opinions on uncooked feeding, proponents of this strategy declare a number of potential advantages for canines:

  • Improved dental well being: Chewing on uncooked meaty bones helps clear canines’ tooth and gums naturally, lowering plaque and tartar buildup and selling more healthy oral hygiene.
  • Enhanced digestion: Uncooked meals diets usually include high-quality, complete elements which might be minimally processed. This helps optimum digestion and nutrient absorption, doubtlessly lowering digestive points and bettering stool high quality.
  • Elevated power and vitality: Uncooked diets are sometimes wealthy in high-quality proteins, wholesome fat, and important vitamins. Canine exhibit elevated power ranges, improved coat situation, and general vitality when fed a uncooked food plan.
  • Potential allergy reduction: Some canines with meals sensitivities or allergic reactions might profit from a uncooked food plan as a result of it eliminates frequent allergens present in industrial pet food, resembling grains, fillers, and synthetic components. Nonetheless, every canine’s response to food plan can range, so monitoring their particular person sensitivities is vital.
  • Weight administration: Uncooked meals diets assist keep a wholesome weight for canines because of the balanced, nutrient-dense nature of the elements. It permits for larger management over meals parts and promotes weight reduction or upkeep as wanted.
  • Stronger immune system: Pure enzymes, nutritional vitamins, and minerals present in uncooked meals can assist a canine’s immune system, doubtlessly lowering the danger of allergic reactions, infections, and different well being points.

Frequent Uncooked Feeding Fashions

There are a number of totally different fashions or approaches to uncooked feeding for canines. Listed below are among the most typical ones:

  • Prey Mannequin Uncooked (PMR): This mannequin mimics a canine’s pure food plan within the wild and usually consists of complete prey or components of prey animals. It focuses on feeding uncooked meat, bones, and organs within the proportions present in a prey animal, with none added fruits, greens, or grains. The approximate ratio is 80% muscle meat, 10% organs (with half being liver), and 10% edible bone. The emphasis is on sourcing high-quality, various protein sources.
  • BARF (Biologically Acceptable Uncooked Meals): This mannequin incorporates a greater diversity of elements past complete prey. It consists of uncooked meat, bones, organs, fruits, greens, and dietary supplements. The share breakdown might range, however it typically includes about 60-80% muscle meat, 10% organs (with half being liver), 10% edible bone, and 10% fruits, greens, and different dietary supplements.
  • Entire Prey Mannequin: This mannequin includes feeding complete animals or carcasses, resembling rabbits, quails, or small fish, to supply a whole and balanced food plan. This strategy goals to imitate a food plan that features all components of an animal, together with muscle meat, bones, organs, and fur or feathers.
  • Frankenprey: This mannequin is a variation of the Prey Mannequin Uncooked the place canine house owners create a “frankenstein” prey by combining numerous components of various animals to realize a balanced food plan. It includes sourcing totally different cuts of meat, bones, and organs from a number of species to approximate the nutrient composition of an entire prey animal.
  • Business Uncooked Diets: Some canine house owners go for commercially ready uncooked meals diets. These are commercially ready uncooked meals or mixes in pre-packaged varieties, resembling chubs, patties, nuggets, or medallions. These diets are formulated to satisfy the dietary wants of canines and infrequently embrace a mix of meat, bones, organs, fruits, greens, and dietary supplements.

It is vital to notice that no single mannequin suits all canines, and totally different canines might have totally different dietary wants. The mannequin one chooses relies on the canine, what sources can be found of their space, their funds, and extra. To assist decide which of those fashions is finest, I counsel beginning with industrial uncooked and dealing with a canine nutritionist (or researching) to uncover one of the best ways ahead.

DIY vs. Business Uncooked Food regimen

No matter which mannequin you select, you will both feed DIY uncooked (do-it-yourself), industrial uncooked, or a mix of the 2. There are professionals and cons of each DIY and industrial uncooked:

  • Professionals of DIY uncooked feeding – canine house owners management the elements, the sourcing, and the formulation. That is helpful if a canine has meals sensitivities or different well being points and is nice for canine house owners working with a funds.
  • Cons of DIY uncooked feeding – not everyone seems to be comfy formulating their canine’s food plan. In some areas, the elements will be costly or laborious to seek out. For multi-dog houses, DIY uncooked feeding might require shopping for bulk, which requires devoted freezers. And a few DIY uncooked feeders put money into a meat grinder, stress cooker, and dehydrator.
  • Professionals of economic uncooked – another person is liable for sourcing, formulating, and packaging the uncooked meals. That is wonderful for canine house owners uncomfortable getting ready uncooked, feeding a pet, or missing the sources to create a nutritionally full home made food plan.
  • Cons of economic uncooked – premade uncooked will be costlier than DIY. Some manufacturers use artificial vitamin mixes which might be much less bioavailable than actual meals or a sterilization course of that decreases (or eliminates) the wholesome residing enzymes and micro organism in uncooked meals.

Transitioning to a Uncooked Food regimen

Each time a brand new canine joins our household, I transition them chilly turkey – the primary meal they’ve in our house is a uncooked meal.

Transitioning puppies to uncooked: I transition puppies to a industrial uncooked food plan formulated for all life phases. I discover it useful to contact the model on to inquire about what extra meals (bone, fats) are wanted when feeding puppies. Puppies are rising quickly, requiring extra meals that’s balanced each day quite than over time.

Transitioning grownup canines to uncooked: I transition grownup canines to both a industrial or DIY uncooked food plan, relying on their particular person wants. For instance, if an grownup canine has a historical past of digestive points, is a choosy eater, or has a well being situation, I could gradual the transition down or quick the canine for twenty-four hours earlier than switching to uncooked.

Feeding a hybrid food plan: Feeding absolutely uncooked is not possible for all canine house owners. On this case, feeding a 1/2 kibble and 1/2 uncooked food plan is perhaps extra manageable. After I was new to uncooked feeding, I began with a hybrid food plan and fed uncooked within the morning and kibble within the night. Mixing uncooked and kibble in a single meal is not all the time really useful as a result of it results in digestive upset in some canines (however not all).

Feeding Uncooked Meaty Bones

When introducing canines to uncooked meaty bones, I consider beginning with simpler bones like poultry necks and ft is finest. With some canines, I am going to maintain on to the bone to make sure they do not attempt to swallow it complete, and I monitor my canines once they’re consuming uncooked bones.

I by no means feed cooked bones; this consists of smoked, baked, or roasted.

What to Count on When Transitioning to Uncooked

Canine new to uncooked feeding can expertise free stool or diarrhea as they transition. Some canine house owners report a detox interval that features mucus-covered stool, elevated shedding, tear stains, doggy odor, and elevated ear wax. That is momentary because the physique adjusts to a more healthy food plan and sheds the buildup of poisons from the system. And never all canines expertise a detox; I did not witness this with any of my canines.

Notes for brand spanking new uncooked feeders…

  • Coronary heart and liver are wealthy, and feeding an excessive amount of, particularly to a pet, can result in explosive diarrhea. Canine house owners planning to supply DIY uncooked ought to begin small with organ meat and build-up.
  • Puppies eat greater than grownup canines as a consequence of their speedy development; I feed 10% of a pet’s physique weight, weighing them weekly to keep away from overfeeding.
  • Alternating proteins is vital; this observe gives quite a lot of amino acids and different vitamins to your canine, higher assembly a canine’s dietary wants. Selection additionally prevents boredom at mealtime and meals sensitivities. It is okay to feed numerous manufacturers – if it really works in your canine.
  • Supplementation is not essential past a digestive complement or fiber, which can assist ease the transition. One of the best digestive dietary supplements for canines new to uncooked feeding are:

Uncooked Food regimen Feeding Tips

Feeding grownup canines 2-3% of their physique weight is advisable. A web-based uncooked feeding calculator is the simplest option to decide how a lot meals to feed your canine. Or working with a canine nutritionist.

With my canines, I begin with 3% with lively grownup canines and a couple of% with sedentary grownup canines. I then modify up or down primarily based on how the canine responds to the food plan. For instance, if a canine positive factors weight and this is not the purpose, I am going to scale back the quantity I feed. With puppies, I start with 10% of their present physique weight and modify as they age.

Uncooked Food regimen Feeding Guidlines for Puppies

The next uncooked feeding pointers for puppies clarify how a lot to feed at totally different ages throughout a pet’s first yr. Each canine is exclusive, making it essential to regulate how a lot you present primarily based in your canine.

  • 2 – 4 months: 8-10% of their physique weight
  • 4 – 6 months: 6-8% of their physique weight
  • 6 – 8 months: 4-6% of their physique weight
  • 8 – 12 months: 3-4% of their physique weight

Do not Complicate Uncooked Feeding

You will have been instructed concerning the significance of balancing the macro/micronutrients, meals energetics, and supplementation. Whereas these are vital, they don’t seem to be essential for brand spanking new uncooked feeders. You can begin feeding uncooked whereas concurrently educating your self about canine diet. Books and programs can be found on-line that will help you higher perceive how you can feed your canine.

A Uncooked Food regimen Is not For Everybody

Some canines want time to regulate to their new food plan; others will not be match and may do higher on a cooked, freeze-dried, or dehydrated food plan. It is important to train endurance and stay open to new info on feeding uncooked. Transitioning to industrial uncooked offers canine house owners time to determine their funds, safe sourcing, and higher perceive how you can formulate a food plan that meets their canine’s dietary wants.

If uncooked feeding is not for you, please do not feel ashamed or embarrassed. Feed your canine one of the best meals you may afford, and if one of the best is kibble, add contemporary meals to your canine’s food plan. Examples embrace:

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