Are Cat Whiskers Good Luck?


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Have you ever heard the saying about being “the cat’s whiskers?” It’s meant to suggest that you’re higher than these round you. This is sensible as a result of there’s an previous wives’ story that cat whiskers convey good luck. However is there any fact behind this? Learn on to search out out extra about this peculiar however endearing folklore.

Fast Overview


Cats are believed to be an indication of fine luck in lots of cultures, and traditionally they had been typically believed to own magical powers.


Cats’ whiskers present important sensory enter that helps information your cat via their surroundings and defend them from hazard.


Cats will naturally shed whiskers now and again, however they shouldn’t be lower or eliminated deliberately.

Whiskers: What’s the Level?

Have you ever ever puzzled how your cat is so agile? Or how they will squeeze via the tiniest of areas? Nicely, their whiskers, or “vibrissae,” maintain most of the solutions. Cats’ whiskers are specifically designed to mirror the width of their physique; if their whiskers can get via, the remainder ought to comply with. Amazingly, because of this fluffy cats have longer whiskers – they’re merely wider than glossy coated cats.

Whiskers assist a cat detect how shut an object is to their face and the airflow or path of motion. Whiskers assist cats decide whether or not they may match into small areas, which is a fairly nifty trick.

A cat’s whiskers are an enormous a part of their contact sensation. They supply ongoing and important details about the cat’s surroundings, and cats depend on them consistently. Whiskers additionally assist your cat steadiness in trickier circumstances, similar to strolling alongside a slim fence. Even when your cat sleeps, a twitch of the whiskers would possibly point out imminent hazard and wake them.

Not solely that, researchers acknowledge that your cat’s facial features and whisker place can talk how they’re feeling to different cats. The cat grimace scale is a validated scoring system. Adjustments similar to whisker place may help people decide when a cat is burdened or in ache.

In fact, that is all a part of cat-to-cat innate communication. However it’s a implausible software for cat dad and mom and veterinarians alike. The extra we perceive our cat’s emotions and feelings, the extra we are able to meet their wants and deepen our relationship with them.

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What’s the Origin of Fortunate Whiskers?

Cats have been revered by many cultures for millennia. Relationship again so far as the traditional Egyptians, cats had been held in such nice esteem that these lucky sufficient to personal one had been believed to be blessed with good luck. Historical Egyptian cat homeowners would gown their beloved cats in jewels and mummify them after they died.

Nevertheless, killing a cat, even accidentally, was a mortal sin, and cat households would mourn their loss deeply and for a lot of weeks. The Egyptian goddess Bastet, a half-woman and half-cat diety, was the goddess of fine well being, pleasure, and safety – all one would possibly hope for in life.

The waving golden cat decoration usually seen in Chinese language outlets is named Maneki Neko, and has shocking origins in Japanese legend. It’s stated {that a} cat saved a prestigious ruler from a lightning bolt many centuries in the past. Extra virtually, within the center ages, cats protected grain shops from rodents and, as hunters, had been the one animal allowed in monasteries.

Cats have usually traditionally been thought-about a precious asset to their keepers. In reality, it’s laborious to discover a tradition the place the cat is just not thought-about a prized possession or a fortunate allure not directly or one other. So it follows that cat whiskers are a conveyable good luck allure bestowing fortune on the beholder.

Sadly, throughout the Sixteenth-century witch trials, cats fell out of favor and have become a logo of paganism in a closely Christian Europe. The affiliation of cats with superstitions and dangerous luck can also be seen in international locations similar to India, the place a black cat crossing your path is considered as a foul omen; nevertheless, within the UK, that is thought-about good luck.

Over the centuries, with the commercialism of Halloween and all issues witch and wizard-related, cats are again in vogue, and their whiskers are a valuable commodity.

Why Are Whiskers So Treasured?

young fluffy ginger Siberian cat

A fluffy cat has longer whiskers as a result of they’re wider, and want longer whiskers to assist them navigate tight spots.

Let’s get again to biology: cats’ whiskers evolve via a progress and shedding cycle. Which means that it’s regular for one to fall out now and again. Usually, your cat will shed a whisker each two months, only one or two at a time. The common cat will shed round six whiskers a 12 months.

This isn’t so many. With our super-powerful vacuum cleaners and life’s common hustle and bustle, chances are you’ll not even have realized that your cat was planting tiny quill-like treasures round your house.

Did you ever sit in a meadow as a baby and hunt for a four-leaf clover? Or sit at the hours of darkness ready for a taking pictures star? Very similar to a needle in a haystack, you hardly ever discover them when on the lookout for them. However such uncommon issues are sometimes honored with the badge of being a fortunate allure.

Whiskers aren’t any exception. Couple that with our historic love of felines, and you may see why discovering a cat’s whisker is a particular and uncommon second. For these with cats within the household, whiskers are sometimes cherished as a souvenir, very similar to a baby’s tooth or first lock of hair.

When Is Whisker-Shedding a Fear?

As we talked about, the occasional shedding of whiskers is totally regular. However for those who discover that your cat’s whiskers are thinning otherwise you discover heaps about your house, it could possibly be an indication that one thing is unsuitable. Cats are recognized for molting hair when burdened, and whiskers aren’t any completely different. They’re delicate creatures, and modifications of their regular surroundings may set off a physiological response.

Alopecia (hair loss) might occur spontaneously via pure loss or over-grooming. Hair and whisker loss could be attributable to allergic reactions, infections, and parasites. Often, whisker loss outcomes from hormonal illness, most cancers, or different sickness placing your cat underneath stress. Curiously, a current examine discovered that the presence of wavy whiskers is strongly correlated with the presence of feline leukemia virus.

What Ought to I Do With Fallen Whiskers?

You might be in all probability studying this since you love cats, so in fact you need to preserve them! In reality, you may take advantage of these follicular gems in lots of artistic methods. Felting mini cats is a cute and inventive passion, and including actual whiskers supplies authenticity that’s laborious to beat. The identical goes for collages and different arts and crafts. Leaving fur and whiskers out for nesting birds is an effective way to provide one thing again to your native wildlife.

Many on-line jewelers are crafting presents and keepsakes from organic gadgets. You would possibly even occur upon a specialist in cat whiskers. Alternatively, you might preserve them in a jar, tablet pot, or pouch. Some individuals carry them of their pocket or automobile for additional luck as they journey via life. In spite of everything, if they’re fortunate charms, who would need to simply throw them away?

Whiskers: A Memento With or With out Luck

Grey cat lying on bed

Whereas having a cat whisker for good luck is enjoyable, whiskers ought to solely be obtained if they’ve been shed naturally.

Cat whiskers bringing good luck isn’t just an city delusion; it’s an historic delusion, and the reality depends on a person’s values and beliefs. There isn’t a scientific proof backing up claims of whisker-induced success. Nonetheless, for some, this isn’t a vital accolade.

For these with particular felines of their life, it doesn’t actually matter both approach. A whisker is a tiny organic reward that may be stored to recollect your cat for a few years to return. There’s nothing extra heartwarming than that.

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Incessantly Requested Questions

Is it OK to the touch a cat’s whiskers?

Cat’s whiskers are very delicate and can detect the tiniest actions. In reality, a cat’s whiskers are so delicate that repeated touching (similar to on the sting of a water bowl) could cause an overload of sensory data, which may trigger your cat intense stress. This state of elevated sensory stimulation is named whisker fatigue.

So, whereas touching them will not hurt your cat, you should not must, and your cat may not need you to. If you have to contact your cat’s whiskers, achieve this with nice care, provided that obligatory. In case your cat initiates that contact, that is nice; your cat loves interacting with you.

Is it OK to the touch lower whiskers?

It is best to by no means lower your cat’s whiskers – your cat wants them! Your cat depends on their whiskers to steadiness, navigate their approach at the hours of darkness and react to predators. They’re an integral a part of your cat, they usually will not thanks for depriving them of their important sensory equipment.

On uncommon events, there could be a medical motive to chop your cat’s whiskers, however this needs to be carried out by your veterinarian. And it isn’t simply reducing whiskers; curling, dying, or tampering together with your cat’s whiskers is inappropriate and negatively impacts your cat’s well-being.

Can cats convey good luck?

Many cultures and religions courting again 1000’s of years believed that cats had been fortunate. However there isn’t any scientific proof that cats can convey you luck. So, it comes down to private expertise and the importance a cat holds in your life. You probably have a cat within the household, then by default, you’re fortunate as a result of cats are fantastic to have round!

Do Cat Whiskers Develop Again?

Sure! Cat’s whiskers will develop again in time so long as the hair follicles aren’t broken. That is the tiny space embedded within the pores and skin, which the hair grows out of. In case you are frightened that your cat is shedding whiskers and they don’t seem to be rising again, communicate to your veterinarian.

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