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Concerns and Challenges

Bantams lay round 2 eggs per week. Their eggs are rather a lot smaller than an ordinary hen, which might make them a terrific choice for somebody who doesn’t want lots of eggs. They make an lovely pickled egg. 

Many breeds of bantams are infamous for the need to go broody, that’s, wish to sit on eggs to hatch out their very own chicks. The highest two being Silkies and Cochin bantams. They make great moms.

In every thing there may be all the time a draw back. Bantams do require somewhat further safety from predators.  Whereas they’ll disguise in smaller areas when predators come round, they may even have a harder time in seeing predators resembling with Silkies, their head poof, can limit their vary of imaginative and prescient. They’re additionally extra prone to sleep on the bottom of the coop which makes them the primary goal when a predator enters a coop at evening.


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