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Some rooster breeds are extra warmth tolerant that others. They sometimes are light-weight breeds with massive combs and wattles, sparse feathering, and clear legs. Different breeds are extra chilly hardy. They often are the heavier breeds with tight combs, small wattles, and dense feathering. Some breeds, nonetheless, are capable of deal with each heat and chilly climate with equal ease. Among the many latter are the next 8 all-climate rooster breeds.


The Crevecoeur originates from Normandy, France. The maritime local weather there’s mainly temperate, but in addition wildly unpredictable inside any given 24-hour interval. Summer season highs will be within the 80s, whereas winter lows hover round freezing.

The Crevecoeur has black plumage that absorbs warmth from daylight in chilly climate. It additionally has tiny wattles and a small V comb to attenuate frostbite, and crest feathers that supply head safety in chilly climate. Alternatively, the crests have to be watched in moist winter climate, since moist crests can presumably freeze.

As a mid-weight breed with clear legs, the Crevecoeur handles heat climate properly. And its docile temperament protects this breed from extreme pleasure that may end up in overheating.


The precise origin of the Hamburg rooster is a matter of some rivalry. It presumably originated within the Mediterranean and was later developed by Dutch and German poultry lovers. It has due to this fact been uncovered to quite a lot of climates throughout its improvement.

This breed has a rose comb, which in comparison with a single comb is much less prone to winter freezing. The breed can be extraordinarily lively, which helps generate warmth physique in chilly climate.

The Hamburg is small to mid weight and has clear legs. The sunshine coloured plumage of the silver spangled, the most well-liked selection, displays warmth from summer season daylight.


The Houdan hails from Houdan, France, which has an oceanic local weather. Temperatures throughout the lengthy, chilly winters can drop beneath freezing. Throughout the brief summers the temperature can spike above 100°F. The Houdan is very like the Crevecoeur, with related options that put it among the many all-climate rooster breeds.

Plymouth Rock

The Plymouth Rock was developed in Massachusetts, which has a continental local weather. Summers are heat and winters are chilly.

This breed’s massive dimension and lively nature assist maintain it heat in chilly climate. The big single comb and dangly wattles of the rooster are susceptible to frostbite in winter, however assist maintain the chook cool in summer season. The Plymouth Rock’s clear legs contribute to its tolerance of summer season warmth.

Rhode Island Purple

The Rhode Island Purple hails from Rhode Island. Like Massachusetts, this state has a continental local weather. Though completely different in kind from the Plymouth Rock, the Rhode Island Purple bears most of the similar options that make it one of many all-climate rooster breeds.


The Spitzhauben comes from the Swiss Alps, the place Europe’s cool northern local weather meets the nice and cozy southern local weather. The climate is due to this fact extraordinarily variable, with seasonal temperature extremes in addition to unpredictable day by day climate.

The Spitzhauben is a mid-size breed with clear legs that assist maintain it cool in summer season. It has a V comb and a little bit of head feathering, and is extraordinarily lively, all pluses for chilly climate tolerance. For more information on the Spitz, see Breed Highlight: Appenzeller Spitzhauben Chickens.


The Sumatra rooster comes from the Indonesian islands of Sumatra, Java, and Borneo. These islands have a tropical local weather with heat temperatures 12 months round.

So what lets the Sumatra accomplish that properly in chilly climate? The breed is smallish in dimension. It has a small pea comb and tiny wattles. It has darkish plumage, and the breed is extraordinarily lively.


The Welsumer comes from the village of Welsum, Holland. The temperature there can dip beneath freezing in winter, but can attain as excessive as 90°F in the summertime.

This breed is mid weight with a big single comb and reasonably massive wattles, and clear legs for dissipating summer season warmth. But it’s a dark-feathered chook that’s comparatively lively, which assist generate winter warmth.

All-Local weather Breeds

Choosing the proper breed on your local weather will be tough, particularly for those who dwell in an space with seasonal extremes. By choosing one of many many all-climate rooster breeds, your flock will come geared up to take care of the whims of the climate.

And that’s immediately’s information from the Cackle Coop.

Gail Damerow, creator, Storey’s Information to Elevating Chickens.


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