15 Eating places Caught Serving Endangered Animal Meat


The consumption of unique and endangered animal meat is on the rise, as some think about it a delicacy. Nevertheless, this apply has far-reaching results on the atmosphere and the survival of many animal species that are actually endangered. On this article, we are going to discover 15 eating places which were caught serving endangered animal meat, the hazards related to consuming these animals, and what could be completed to cease this apply.

1. Some eating places in China, like Tou Tou Koi, have been identified to serve shark fin soup, which is taken into account a delicacy. Nevertheless, shark populations are reducing in lots of components of the world attributable to overfishing, and a few species of shark are even now thought-about endangered.

2. A number of eating places in Vietnam have been caught serving rhinoceros horn soup, which comes from the horns of endangered rhinoceroses. The demand for rhino horn soup can result in unlawful poaching of those animals, additional decreasing their populations.

3. In Indonesia many eating places promote kopi luwak, a espresso created from the droppings of civet cats. A number of of the eating places that promote this are merely referred to as “kopi luwak”. Whereas evidently taking this espresso from the droppings of the animals ought to be okay, the sought-after ingredient has the mammals being captured within the wild and sometimes saved in horrible situations, resulting in animal cruelty considerations.

4. Boiled tiger cubs have been as soon as served at a restaurant in Thailand. The commerce in tiger components is against the law, as these animals are actually thought-about endangered attributable to habitat loss and poaching. Fortunately, regulation enforcement in Thailand is trying to place a cease to consuming tiger meat.

5. Taco Fusion, a restaurant in Florida, was caught placing lion’s meat tacos on its menu in 2013. This instantly precipitated outrage as lions are weak species below the Worldwide Union for the Conservation of Nature.

6. In China, a restaurant referred to as Mong La was caught serving pangolin meat, a critically endangered species of animal that’s usually hunted for its meat and scales, that are believed to have medicinal properties.

7. One other restaurant in the US was discovered promoting lion’s meat. Mokutanya, a restaurant in California, introduced $70 lion skewers as an addition to the menu. Once more, lions are thought-about a weak species.

8. Storm Restaurant Inc was pressured to shut their restaurant The Hump in Santa Monica after they have been caught promoting whale meat. This apply is against the law below worldwide regulation because of the endangered standing of many species of whales. The proprietor, Brian Vidor, was pressured to pay a $27,500 high-quality.
9. SKA Ta Bay within the Philippines was caught serving turtle soup. Turtle soup usually accommodates meat from the hawksbill turtle, a species that’s critically endangered attributable to looking and habitat loss.

10. A restaurant in Japan was caught promoting meat from Sei whales, a species that’s listed as endangered by the Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature. Even worse, the nation has been caught promoting Sei Meat to different nations.

11. Not a restaurant, however a meals blogger, in Cambodia was caught skinning, cooking, and consuming a younger fishing cat. She posted the video on-line in an try to garner web fame. Fishing cats are small wild cat species that are actually thought-about weak.

12. A restaurant in Koh Chang, Thailand was discovered to be serving the meat of Horseshoe crabs, a species that’s thought-about weak attributable to overharvesting. This “delicacy” can be discovered in lots of eating places in Japan and Taiwan.

13. In Vietnam many eating places serve bear paw soup, which is created from the paws of bears and is taken into account a delicacy in some components of Southeast Asia. They promise that by consuming it you may achieve the facility and virility of a bear. Many bear species are actually endangered attributable to habitat loss and poaching. To cease this heinous act, think about signing this petition.

14. In 2015 a Russian restaurant was caught with each leopard and tiger on the menu. The diner was raided by police after a tip. Through the raid, they discovered heads, skins, and the meat of each massive cats.

15. Genetic specialists discovered proof a restaurant in China was promoting meat from the Bengal tiger, a species that’s now critically endangered attributable to poaching and habitat loss.

Why It’s Dangerous to Eat Endangered Animals

Endangered animals are sometimes hunted or fished illegally, resulting in inhabitants declines and doubtlessly even extinction. Ecological imbalances can happen when sure animals are over-harvested, inflicting issues within the atmosphere.

The unlawful commerce in endangered animals is a major contributor to the decline of many endangered species, and the act of consuming such animals is usually related to harmful and unsustainable looking practices.

Moreover, many of those animals are important to the ecosystem of their pure habitats, and their loss would have far-reaching results.

The best way to Cease It

To cease the unlawful commerce of endangered animals, the hot button is to lift consciousness of the difficulty and educate individuals in regards to the risks of consuming these animals.

Governments and regulation enforcement companies may play a key function in cracking down on the trafficking of endangered animals and might implement stricter rules to stop their sale and consumption.

People have to do their half by avoiding the consumption of unique and uncommon animals and selecting plant-based meals as an alternative.

As well as, supporting Conservation organizations that work to guard endangered animals may help to make a major influence in stopping the commerce of endangered animal meat.


The unlawful commerce in endangered animals is a severe concern, with many species going through extinction attributable to unsustainable looking and habitat loss.

It’s important to lift consciousness in regards to the risks of consuming endangered animal meat and take motion to cease its commerce. By supporting conservation organizations and avoiding the consumption of uncommon and unique animals, people can play a major function in defending these weak species.

Signal this petition to guard the Endangered Species Act!

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What you are able to do

Help ‘Combating for Wildlife’ by donating as little as $1 – It solely takes a minute. Thanks.


Combating for Wildlife helps authorized wildlife conservation organizations, which spend at the very least 80 % of the cash they increase on precise fieldwork, somewhat than administration and fundraising. When making a donation you may designate for which kind of initiative it ought to be used – wildlife, oceans, forests or local weather.

This article by Trinity Sparke was first revealed by One Inexperienced Planet on 26 August 2023. Lead Picture: Jo Motive/Shutterstock.


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